Specialists in Aggregate Development in Alberta.

Sand and gravel (aggregate), searches, testing, evaluation, conservation and reclamation planning including application services for industrial and environmental regulatory compliance documentation.

  • Advanced CADD, Geographic and Analytic Systems (GIS/GIA)
  • Site Analysis: Environmental, Regulatory ( EPEA, Water Act, Public Lands Act, DFO, Municipal )
  • Aggregate Analysis: Testing; Resource Quantity and Quality Estimates
  • Conservation and Reclamation Planning: Development; Regulatory Compliance; Reclamation Security Strategy; Reclaimed Land-Use
  • Regulatory Compliance Monitoring and ‘Stay Ahead’ Strategies and Actions

EXPERIENCE                    SOLUTIONS                    RESULTS

Full aggregate site development and regulatory services to ASGA Members:

Geoscience (G.I.T.) and engineering (E.I.T.) work continues to be primary to serve the production goals of the aggregate industry and to meet and exceed requirements prescribed within the municipal, provincial, and federal regulatory frameworks for development on Crown and private land.
As part of the Paragon group, we have in-house professionals for specialized (P.Ag. and P.Biol.) components: soils, vegetation mgmt, wetland authenticating professionals (AP) work and specialized biology.

We have well-established sub-contractor associates for specialized services for aggregate site development within the regulatory framework as required: river engineering, wetlands, soils, wildlife, endangered plant and animal species, bird migration, palaeontology, archaeology, hydrology, hydrogeology, traffic impact engineering, ALS surveys, and point cloud data collection by satellite and drone for site configuration analyses and stockpile volumes.

In collaboration with progressive clients, we have initiated life-of-mine, on-site regulatory monitoring and strategies to stay ahead of potential compliance concerns that can impact production. Extended service applies to medium and long-term production including ‘next site(s)’ searches, evaluation, planning and regulatory approvals.